Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual Events Brochure

With everyone cutting conference and meeting budgets, virtual events are a cost-effective alternative. Virtual events increase your reach and attendee level of engagement while eliminating the expense of on-site events and travel costs.Connect with your target audience in a branded, engaging virtual environment.

Enhance your company’s live event by offering online access to the event: missed or overlapping sessions can be attended online, materials and presentations can be accessed by attendees up to a year after the event, attendees can search and network with other attendees sharing common interests or pre-screen vendor or company online booths to decide which ones to visit in person.

Event planners can see who attended which sessions or presentations, how long they were in the session along with their contact information. Vendors can see who visited their booths, how long they stayed, what materials and brochures visitors opened along with any chat sessions they had with the vendor representative manning the booth. Sponsors can view number of click-throughs they got with their ads and the attendees contact information.


  • Live streaming video
  • Pre-recorded presentations
  • Interactive Q & A sessions
  • Live chat translations to 50 languages
  • Video chats
  • Polls, blogs and discussion forums
  • Email within the virtual event
  • Virtual business cards
  • Virtual event website and registration
  • Manned virtual booths
  • Resource library
  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Virtual briefcase to gather files and contacts
  • Easily branded customizable environment
  • Sponsorship and ads
  • Interest matching tools
  • Attendee activity tracking
  • Webcasting studio
  • Tracked sponsor ad click-through’s
  • Individually branded booths